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Face Kisses

Work your magic with my Face Kisses oil to moisturize your skin leaving it feeling soft and cuddly. This cold pressed Rosehip oil is loaded with skin nourishing vitamins like Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. It promotes skin regeneration which improves your skin texture reducing acne scars, wrinkles and fading dark spots. My magical oil is of a different kind giving your skin a balanced hydration and a radiant glow.



My Face Kisses miracle oil is made of 100% pure and cold pressed Rosehip seed oil. It will help brighten your skin while hydrating and moisturizing it. It will boost collagen and improve your skin from hyperpigmentation giving you silky, smooth skin that glows.

All ingredients

Cold pressed rosehip seed oil (rosa canina)

WHAT I’M FREE OF: Parabens, Sulfates


Apply 2-3 drops of my Face Kisses oil every morning and night before bedtime or mix with your moisturizer and massage into face and neck using upward motions.

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